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Why use non-woven fabrics for slope greening? Application of greening non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-07

In the construction of slope greening and urban greening, some green cloths are often used for fencing and covering, which is greening non-woven fabrics. Green non-woven fabrics have good air permeability, filterability, heat preservation, water resistance and stretchability. And the price of green non-woven fabrics is low, and manufacturers can produce them in large quantities.

Application of non-woven fabrics in slope greening

Greening non-woven fabric is an indispensable auxiliary material in slope greening, and an important factor for soil and water conservation and plant community growth. Slope cover non-woven fabrics can play a role in anti-rain erosion, moisturizing, warming, moisturizing, water-retaining, reducing direct sunlight, etc., and play an important role in seed germination rate and germination speed. If the matching ratio is unreasonable, the not achieve the desired effect.

Soil and water conservation is the basis of vegetation restoration. Generally, it refers to the stability of the cover layer, which does not fall off, does not run off, and has a certain anti-scour ability. Therefore, it is necessary to select the thickness of the non-woven fabric to form a protective structure from thick to thin. However, in the selection, it is necessary to fully consider the site slope, the structure type and thickness of the soil material according to the comprehensive situation of the site conditions. If the non-woven fabric is too thick, the matrix layer will be hardened, which will affect the growth of plants. Effect.

Vegetation community is the core of soil and water conservation. The long-term stability of soil and water on the slope is formed by the staggered extension of plant roots. However, the slope is often short of water sources and the irrigation system is expensive. Non-woven fabrics have become a must-have material for maintaining water and fertilizer, and play a pivotal role in construction and post-maintenance. The matching ratio of binder and water-retaining agent should be based on the slope environment and the application of other materials.

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