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Medical nonwoven fabric


About Wenzhou Xinyu Nonwoven

Wenzhou Xinyu Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd was found in 2001, which is professional  enterprise in the production of chemical bonding nonwoven and other nonwoven products. And our company has been committed to develop the production and sales of non woven medical products. The product is mainly using polyester and viscose as raw materials.


Different categories of medical and healthy fabric including laminated non-woven fabric and disposable non-woven fabric. Laminated with breathable film or PE film, it can used as surgical drapes, operating table sheet, medical bed sheets and so on. The product has good water-absorbing quality. In order to meets highest quality and standards, we have a dedicated sterile workshop to specialize in manufacture medical grade non woven fabric.


What is medical non woven fabrics 

Medical non-woven fabric is a type of fabric formed without the need for spinning and weaving, which arranges textile short fibers or filaments to form a fiber network structure, and then reinforces it using chemical methods. It breaks through traditional textile principles and is a product with development potential.It has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high yield, low cost, wide use, and multiple raw material sources.


The fiber raw materials used for producing medical non-woven fabrics include polyester (PET), viscose, etc. Medical non-woven fabric is a specialized material used in various applications in the healthcare industry, such as surgical gowns, surgical sheets, and masks, as well as wound dressings, bandages, and medical wipes. At present, the main process routes for medical non-woven fabrics include several main steps such as raw material selection, textile processing, printing and composite, and finished product processing.

Advantages Of Medical Grade Non Woven Fabric

Application of Medical Non Woven Fabrics

Custom Service

  1. Raw materials:  Medical non woven fabric product is chemical bonded non woven made of viscose and polyester(PET). We can adjust the rate of viscose and polyester in the product according to customer needs.


  1. Color: Not just white,blue,green,we can produce any color.
  3. Width: The maximum width can reach 240cm.
  5. Certification: Our company own ISO9001 certification, FDA certification, ISO1400 certification, OHSAS18001 certification, and so on.
  7. Environment: In order to produce high-quality and high standard of medical grade non-woven fabrics, our company has a dedicated sterile workshop, which further reduces the risk of infection in clinical environments.
  9. Experience: Our company has almost 23 years of experience in chemical bonded non-woven. And we are one of the biggest chemical bonded nonwoven manufacturers  in China.

Articles About Non-Woven Medical Fabric

Our non-woven news section is dedicated to sharing the latest articles and industry news related to non-woven medical fabric. You can find information on applications, technological innovations, and market trends. Feel free to visit our non-woven news section regularly for the latest updates.

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