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Why non-woven fabrics are more and more widely used

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-10

Non-woven fabrics are used in all aspects of life, such as medical treatment, agriculture, clothing, filter materials, etc. Different occupations have different standards. How to ensure the quality of non-woven fabrics under the condition of satisfying different occupational standards is a problem that every non-woven fabric manufacturer needs to consider. Xinyu Non-woven has accumulated various occupations and different standard production methods through years of production.

Non-woven fabrics are currently used a lot in life and industry, and the scale of their use is still expanding. Why non-woven fabrics will be more and more widely used, because of its low cost, environmental protection and less pollution.

We continue to optimize the process and refine the details to make the production of non-woven fabrics reliable. Each of our operating staff has passed strict training and strictly abides by quality standards and production standards. All in order to allow customers to get high-quality, qualified products of high-quality non-woven fabrics.

At present, there are many varieties of non-woven fabrics. We have formed a manual for the production process and precautions of different varieties. Through continuous training, employees can grasp it and have achieved very good results in the actual use process. .

For example, non-woven fabrics in life: non-woven fabric bags, clothing fabrics, masks, protective clothing, masks, etc.

Industrial use of non-woven fabrics: for example, greenhouse seedlings, filter materials, etc.

At the same time, non-woven fabrics have many advantages: for example, they are moisture-proof, light in weight, easy to degrade, and flame retardant.

Due to the diversification of demand for non-woven fabrics, many manufacturers need to customize personalized non-woven fabrics. In the process of customization, how do we communicate information to non-woven fabric manufacturers to ensure that non-woven fabrics are produced in accordance with the requirements during the production process.

1. We need to explain the type of non-woven fabrics to the non-woven fabric manufacturers, such as sms non-woven fabrics, ss non-woven fabrics

2. We need to supply wide-format non-woven fabrics to the manufacturers , such as 3.2m width

3, we need to supply the thickness to the manufacturer, such as the thickness of 1cm

4, we need to supply the manufacturer whether it is composite, etc.

In short, in the process of customizing non-woven fabrics, the more information we need to provide to non-woven fabric manufacturers, the better, so that manufacturers can better produce non-woven fabrics according to their needs in the production process.

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