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Why are the non-woven fabrics produced under the same processing conditions uneven in thickness?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-11

Uneven thickness of non-woven fabrics may be caused by the following points under the same processing conditions:

(1) The uneven blending of low-melting fibers and conventional fibers: different fibers have different holdings Cohesion, generally speaking, low melting point fibers have greater cohesion than conventional fibers, and are not easy to disperse. For example, Japan 4080, South Korea 4080, South Asia 4080 or Far East 4080 have different cohesion. The melting point fibers are unevenly dispersed, and the part with less low melting point fiber content cannot form a sufficient network structure, and the non-woven fabric is thinner, which is thicker than the part with more low melting point fiber content.

(2) Incomplete melting of low melting point fibers: The melting of low melting point fibers is incomplete, mainly due to insufficient temperature. For non-woven fabrics with low basis weight, it is usually not easy to cause insufficient temperature. But for products with high basis weight and high thickness, special attention should be paid to whether it is sufficient. The non-woven fabric at the edge has enough heat, and the non-woven fabric is usually thicker, and the non-woven fabric in the middle part is easy to form a thinner non-woven fabric because of insufficient heat.

(3) The shrinkage rate of the fiber is high: whether it is a conventional fiber or a low-melting fiber, if the hot air shrinkage rate of the fiber is high, it is easy to produce uneven thickness due to shrinkage during the production of non-woven fabrics. The problem.

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