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Why are cold-proof non-woven fabrics so popular?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-27

The reason why dark green cold-proof non-woven fabrics have been selling well in recent years is due to the combined influence of the international and domestic economic situation.

The specific reasons are:

(1) The development of domestic urbanization has effectively promoted agriculture and forestry-related industries, and now stimulates the research and development, production and sales of non-woven products such as cold protection . It plays a very important role in dealing with various weather conditions.

(2) The international community's awareness of winter cold protection of seedlings, agriculture and forestry has been deepened. The importance of landscaping in various countries in the world has been deepening, and emerging markets and developing countries have a clear understanding of the importance of agricultural and forestry greening, which has greatly increased the importance of agricultural and forestry industries in various countries to related products.

(3) The sales season of cold-proof non-woven fabrics is strong, generally from September to December, when the product is in short supply during the peak season, this is due to the recognition of dealers over the years, such as dealers in Beijing and Hebei , and successfully entered the Beijing garden market, lawn greening non-woven fabrics were supplied to Jinzhou Garden Expo, and were supported and recognized by all participating departments. Among them, anti-aging lawn non-woven fabrics were favored by Arab and African countries during the World Expo.

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