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Which non-woven manufacturer is good?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-27

I believe that most of the friends who have contacted non-woven products know that non-woven fabrics have hardness. That is to say, non-woven fabrics are graded. Generally, non-woven fabrics are divided into new materials, ordinary materials, peritoneal materials and so on. In terms of feel, it is actually the difference between soft and hard. Below, Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD.XinYu Non-woven will introduce the difference between non-woven soft material and hard material:

Now there are more rigid materials on the market. In fact, the softness or hardness of the fabric is achieved by controlling the temperature during the production process. The material produced at high temperature will be softer, on the contrary, it will be harder. The soft material is very soft to the touch, close to the real knitted fabric. The fabric has good toughness, strong tensile force, and is not easy to tear. However, after the fabric is soft, it will feel relatively thin. After the fabric is hardened, the fabric of the same gram weight will feel much thicker than the material. Some non-woven bag manufacturers use this to cut corners. Since the non-woven fabric is also produced from plastic pellets, if it is too hard, it will obviously not work, and it is very easy to break.

Therefore, when customers customize non-woven handbags, they must first locate their own requirements. If they value the feel and appearance, they should make rigid fabrics. If you pay more attention to the load-bearing and tensile strength of non-woven handbags, soft materials are generally selected, which will be better if they are firm.

Therefore, when making non-woven handbags, the material should be selected according to the purpose of the bag. At the same time, in turn, it can also be judged according to the hardness of the bag which material is used to make the non-woven handbag. It can also be judged according to the material of the bag whether the merchant of the bag is cutting corners.

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