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When using the special filler masterbatch for non-woven fabrics, you need to pay attention to the following issues

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-13

When we use non-woven special filler masterbatch products, in addition to mastering the correct operation method, we also need to control the addition amount of non-woven fabric special filler masterbatch, so as to make the product play a role.

The following issues need to be paid attention to when using the special filler masterbatch for non-woven fabrics:

1. First of all, the point that needs to be paid attention to is that for color masterbatches of different quality, in The actual amount added in the production process is different. We need to determine the addition amount according to the addition ratio marked on the product packaging bag and the effect we want to achieve:

2. In actual production, about 2 copies of color masterbatch are generally used, and then anti-aging aids are added. It uses the synergistic effect of anti-aging and carbon black to prevent aging to reduce product cost.

3. In order to obtain satisfactory coloring effect, as long as we choose the amount of product added to make the color of the surface of the product uniform, without streaks and spots.

4. The length of outdoor use and the requirements of product life also determine the appropriate reduction in the amount of color masterbatch used. The premise is that carbon black must form a continuous phase in the product, that is, carbon black 'film' protection plastic. If too little is added, the carbon black phase is discontinuous in the product. At the boundary between the phases, the plastic molecules are fragile and directly hit by ultraviolet light. The carbon black absorbs heat to increase the surface temperature of the product and accelerate the oxygen aging reaction. At this time, the carbon black Black is like an impurity in the product, it is better not to add it. When the boundary between the phase and the phase is less than 280 nm, the ultraviolet light can be avoided, and the product is safe.

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