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When choosing non-woven fabrics, is the thicker the better?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-05

In the domestic disinfection supply center, non-woven fabrics are the most commonly used packaging materials besides cotton. Hospitals often pay attention to thickness (ie gram weight) when choosing non-woven fabrics, so is the thicker the non-woven fabric the better?

The answer is no.

The increase of the thickness of the non-woven fabric means that the weight per unit area increases, and the corresponding strength also increases, but due to its own structural characteristics, the increase of the thickness does not mean that the barrier properties of microorganisms increase. For example, when a thickened non-woven fabric is used, the increase in the weight of the spunbond layer cannot effectively increase its antibacterial performance. Only when the pore size of the key filter layer (ie, the meltblown layer) can effectively filter the invasion of microorganisms and dust, its resistance Bacterial properties meet the requirements. As the thickness increases, the air permeability of the packaging material will also be affected, and the probability of wet packs will also increase.

In clinical use, the non-woven fabric will be damaged after sterilization. For this kind of damage, the main reason is that the micro-fine plastic fibers will shrink to a certain extent after the non-woven fabric is sterilized at high temperature. In use, the non-woven fabric after sterilization is more brittle than before sterilization, so applying too much force or unreasonable pick and place method to it during use will cause destructive damage to the packaging material. Burrs and sharper instruments can also cause damage to the non-woven fabric. In this case, it is recommended that the clinical package should be tightly packed and handled with care, and use the double-layer packaging recommended by the standard, which will greatly reduce the probability of damage. If the problem of breakage is only solved by increasing the thickness of the non-woven fabric, in addition to ensuring the antibacterial performance, it is also necessary to closely observe the probability of wet packs.

In short, the thicker the non-woven fabric is, the better. On the premise of ensuring the antibacterial performance and tensile strength, the material with good air permeability will reduce the wet pack phenomenon.

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