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What requirements must medical non-woven fabrics meet?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-06

The quality of medical non-woven fabrics must meet the national standards. This is a mandatory requirement. However, because there are still companies in the non-woven fabric industry that use inferior raw materials to save costs, it is necessary to strengthen the management of medical non-woven fabrics. The quality inspection and supervision of cloth is an indispensable measure to ensure the quality of medical non-woven fabrics. So what requirements must medical non-woven fabrics meet?

1. Non-woven packaging materials should meet the requirements of 'GB/T19663.1-2015 Packaging of Final Sterilized Medical Devices':

Microbial barrier properties, water resistance, compatibility with human tissue, breathability, saline resistance, surface absorbency, toxicology experiments, large equivalent pore size, drape, tensile strength, wet tensile strength and resistance The breaking degree, etc. are all in line with the relevant national regulations and should be used for one-time use.

2. Storage environment requirements

The storage requirements of medical non-woven fabrics meet the requirements of YY/T0698.2-2009 standard.

The temperature in the inspection, packaging and sterilization area is 20℃-23℃, the relative humidity is 30%-60%, mechanical ventilation is performed 10 times per hour, and the cotton dressing packing room needs to be separated from the equipment packing room to avoid Cotton dust contaminates packaging materials such as instruments and non-woven fabrics.

3. Scale requirements

①Instrument package in the operating room:

It is necessary to refer to the size of the instrument cart in the operating room. For the instrument cart table, the size of the non-woven fabric must be greater than 30cm around the sagable instrument cart table.

②Irregular-shaped instruments:

Such as chest openers, electric drills, etc., choose a mesh basket to regularize them, and then pack them with non-woven fabrics.

A round container such as a cotton ball tank should be placed in the center of the non-woven fabric. After folding the left and right sides of the cloth, roll it forward, and fold the cloth sides inward for 3cm-5cm before sealing.

③Apparatus with frame hooks:

Appropriately use tape to fix the non-woven fabric during inner packaging to avoid loosening.

4. Other requirements

①Requirements for sharp or hooked instruments

It is necessary to bring a protective cover for sharp instruments to prevent such instruments from puncturing the non-woven fabric. Broken, resulting in equipment contamination and waste of unnecessary consumables.

②Requirements for stacked items

The surgical basins, treatment bowls, etc. should be separated and packaged as much as possible. Rate.

③Requirements for fine screws and drills

It should not be directly packed with non-woven fabrics, but should be packed in sieve-type precision instrument boxes before packing.

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