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What performance requirements should agricultural non-woven fabrics meet?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-13

Agricultural non-woven fabrics are often used in agricultural production. Agricultural non-woven fabrics have a great effect on the heat preservation and moisture retention of crops and increase crop production. Therefore, the quality requirements of agricultural non-woven fabrics are also very strict. In addition to the sufficient strength of agricultural non-woven fabrics, agricultural non-woven fabrics are also required to have various properties such as moisturizing, heat preservation, and anti-aging. So what performance requirements should agricultural non-woven fabrics meet?

Insulation: Because the transmittance of non-woven fabrics to long-wave light is lower than that of plastic films, and the heat dissipation in the radiation area at night mainly depends on long-wave radiation, so when used as two curtains and three curtains, it can increase the temperature of greenhouses and greenhouses. Soil temperature has the effect of increasing yield and income. The average temperature of the surface increases by nearly 2°C on sunny days and about 1°C on cloudy days. Especially when the temperature is low at night, the ground heat radiation is significantly reduced, and the thermal insulation effect is better, reaching 2.6°C, but the thermal insulation effect on cloudy days is only half that of sunny nights.

Moisturizing: The pores of the non-woven fabric are large and many, soft, and the fiber gap can absorb water, which can reduce the relative humidity of the air by 5% to 10%, prevent condensation and reduce the occurrence of diseases. According to relevant tests, the soil moisture content measured after covering is 25 grams per square meter of staple fiber non-woven fabric and 40 grams per square meter of spunbond non-woven fabric has the best moisturizing properties, which are 51.1% higher and 51.1% higher than those not covered in the open field, respectively. 31% moisture content.

Light transmission: It has a certain degree of light transmission. The thinner the non-woven fabric, the better the light transmission, and the thicker it is, the worse the light transmission. The light transmittance of 20 grams and 30 grams per square meter is the best, reaching 87% and 79% respectively, which is similar to the light transmittance of glass and polyethylene agricultural film. Even the light transmittance of 40 grams per square meter or 25 grams per square meter (short fiber heat-bonded non-woven fabric) can reach 72% and 73% respectively, which can meet the light needs of cover crops.

Breathable: The non-woven fabric is made of filaments laid on top of each other into a mesh, which has a high porosity and is breathable. The air permeability is related to the gap size of the non-woven fabric, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cover, and the wind speed. Generally, the air permeability of short fibers is several times to 10 times higher than that of long fibers; long fibers of 20 grams per square meter in no wind state have no effect. The air permeability of the woven fabric is 5.5 to 7.5 cubic meters per square meter per hour.

shading and cooling: covered with colored non-woven fabrics, it can play the role of shading and cooling. Different colors of non-woven fabrics have different shading and cooling effects. The shading effect of black non-woven fabric is better than that of yellow, and yellow is better than blue.

Anti-aging: Agricultural non-woven fabrics are generally treated with anti-aging. The thicker the cloth, the lower the strength loss rate.

When agricultural non-woven fabrics with unqualified performance requirements are used in agricultural production, they will not only not have good heat preservation and moisturizing effects, but also affect the normal growth of crops. Therefore, when choosing agricultural non-woven fabrics Make sure to meet the performance requirements described above.

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