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What kinds of materials are there in medical non-woven fabrics, and what are the differences?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-08

What kinds of materials are there in medical non-woven fabrics and what are the differences:

S stands for spunbond, spunbond non-woven fabrics;

M is for melt-blown non-woven fabrics .

PP stands for polypropylene

In the non-woven process, there is a sandwich material called SMS, which is spunbond, spunbond and spunbond structure. This material has both good spunbond strength and good insulation properties of melt spunbond, and is often used in medical supplies.

SMS non-woven fabric is a combination of spunbond and meltblown two processes and production. The spunbond nonwoven has high strength, poor longitudinal and lateral strength, poor function and meltblown The cloth has high shielding properties, and the waterproof function is concentrated on one material, which constitutes a strong waterproof function, excellent air permeability and effective isolation function, which can effectively cut off the penetration of bacteria and penetrate into the blood. .

The function of the mask is to prevent mutual infection between medical staff and patients during the medical process. Generally, the mask is required to be soft, with excellent ventilation and isolation and filtration of germs and dust. Masks generally use wet, dry, spunlace nonwovens or composite materials with a layer of meltblown nonwovens sandwiched in the center. The filtering effect of the mask should reach more than 85%, or even high, the purpose of which is to avoid infection.

SMS non-woven products can effectively avoid cross infection between doctors and patients and protect the health of medical staff. In terms of price and isolation features, SMS has many advantages over spunlace medical materials. In recent years, more modular composite technologies have been developed, such as SMMS, SSMMS, etc., to form multi-layer composites, thereby improving product quality while increasing yield.

For spunbond/meltblown nonwoven composites, the surface layer (spunbond layer) determines the hand, the inner layer (meltblown layer) improves barrier, filterability, and then the spunbond/meltblown sex. The comfort, softness and high insulation of blow-molded composite non-woven materials have further improved the core competitiveness of China's medical non-woven fabric production industry.

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