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What is the difference between faux sticky and PP non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-16
Non-woven fabrics are now widely used in all aspects of life, and there are different types for different needs. Below, Wenzhou Xinyu non-woven fabric manufacturers will tell you the difference between faux sticky and PP non-woven fabrics.

PP is a material of non-woven fabrics, the Chinese name is polypropylene, non-woven fabrics can be PP or polyethylene, and spunbond is a process of non-woven fabric manufacturing, mainly spinning and other practices. There are many processes for non-woven fabrics, such as spunbond, hot rolling, spunlace and so on.

Spunbond non-woven fabric is a large category of non-woven fabrics, which are paralleled with different processing technologies such as needle punching and spunlace. Appellation, conventional products are polyester spunbond non-woven fabrics, polypropylene (PP) spunbond non-woven fabrics. PP non-woven fabric is one of the non-woven products, it can also be made by spunbonding or needle punching.

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