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What information do custom non-woven fabrics need to provide to manufacturers

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-23

Due to the diversification of demand for non-woven fabrics, many manufacturers need to customize personalized non-woven fabrics. In the process of customization, how do we communicate information to non-woven fabric manufacturers to ensure that non-woven fabrics are produced as required during the production process.

1. We need to explain the type of non-woven fabric to the non-woven fabric manufacturer, such as sms non-woven fabric, ss non-woven fabric

2, We need to provide manufacturers with width, such as 3.2m width

3, we need to provide manufacturers with thickness, such as 1cm thickness

4, we need to provide manufacturers with whether to compound, etc. Etc.

In short, the more information we need to provide to non-woven fabric manufacturers in the process of customizing non-woven fabrics, the better, so that manufacturers can better produce non-woven fabrics according to their needs in the production process. cloth.

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