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What industries are non-woven fabrics used in?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-19

Non-woven fabrics have excellent performance. Many products are made of non-woven fabrics, such as disposable medical supplies, disinfection appliances, etc. Next, I will introduce which industries non-woven fabrics are used in.

1. Non-woven fabrics for medical and cleaning: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wipes, wet face wipes, trick towels, soft towel rolls, beauty supplies, cleaning wipes, Cleaning pads and disposable cleaning cloths, etc.

2. Non-woven fabrics for home decoration: wall coverings, tablecloths, bedcloths, bedspreads, etc.

3. Non-woven fabrics for clothing: fabrics, adhesive linings, flakes, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather base fabrics, etc.

4. Non-woven fabrics for industrial use; filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, wrapping cloths, etc.

5. Agricultural non-woven fabrics: crop maintenance fabrics, seedling raising fabrics, irrigation fabrics, thermal insulation curtains, etc.

6. Other non-woven fabrics: space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc.

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