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What dyes are used for non-woven dyeing?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-29

What dyes are used for dyeing non-woven fabrics? Different types of non-woven fabrics often use different dyeing dyes. At present, non-woven fabric dyeing methods mainly include reactive dyes, cationic dyes, disperse dyes and other methods. In the process of textile dyeing, every process of the dyeing process must be well controlled, otherwise it may lead to problems such as insufficient dye absorption and low color fixing rate!

①Direct dyes - dyeing cotton, linen, wool, silk and viscose (room temperature dyeing)

Features: The most complete chromatogram, the lowest price, the worst fastness, and the simplest method. Among them, the fabrics dyed with formaldehyde as an accelerator and directly dyed generally need a color reinforcement to stabilize the color fastness.

②Reactive dyes - reactive groups in dyes are combined with reactive groups in cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose.

Features: bright color, good levelness, good fastness, but expensive.

③Disperse dyes - special dyes for polyester

The molecule of the dye is as small as possible and can penetrate into it. At the same time, high temperature and high pressure are used to promote the penetration of the dye. Therefore, the color fastness is high.

④Cationic Dyes

A special dye for acrylic fiber, it is negative ion when acrylic fiber is spinning, and it absorbs color with cation in dye

B Polyester is added with negative ions, which can be dyed at room temperature with cationic dyes. It is cationic dyeable polyester yarn.

What dyes are used for dyeing non-woven fabrics? According to their characteristics, non-woven fabrics require non-woven fabrics to be bright and resistant to a certain temperature. In addition to being bright and resistant to a certain temperature, organic pigments for non-woven fabric coloring also require environmental protection, easy dispersion, migration resistance, low filtration value, and certain characteristics such as light resistance when used in certain specific purposes. Among them, Pigment Red 254, Permanent Yellow 83, Phthalocyanine Green, and Phthalocyanine Blue are especially good in temperature resistance and light fastness. Non-woven fabrics with higher requirements can choose such pigments.

The dyes used in the processing of non-woven fabrics are usually textile dyes. Textile dyes are not only easy to use, but also have good leveling properties. The cost of dyeing non-woven fabrics is greatly increased. In contrast, plant dyeing dyes are not only various but also non-toxic and safe. At the same time, non-woven fabrics will not produce a lot of chemical pollution during the dyeing process, which is also conducive to environmental protection!

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