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What can non-woven scraps do?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-03

What can non-woven scraps do? According to statistics, China needs a lot of non-woven fabrics to produce packaging products, medical hygiene materials and clothing every year. Direct disposal causes such a large amount of non-woven scraps to be directly wasted. In fact, these non-woven scraps can still exert their residual value, and even the remaining scraps can be processed into various shopping bags.

Non-woven scraps are a kind of waste left in production. In addition to recycling, its function is to sell to some small food manufacturers to produce various accessories.

As the scraps of non-woven fabrics, the material purchased is relatively low, but the price of the finished product is as mentioned above, so the profit margin is very large. Of course, some of the finished non-woven fabrics require high quality, except for non-woven scraps such as pp non-woven scraps! Therefore, use non-woven scraps to make a variety of finished non-woven fabrics, such as environmentally friendly shopping bags , Garment lining, packaging lining, etc.

Non-woven fabrics are all made of fibers. Generally, the scraps of these non-woven fabrics are crushed and mixed with new fibers at a ratio of 1% to 5%. , make new non-woven fabrics!

What can non-woven scraps do? Generally speaking, non-woven fabrics are mainly used to process sanitary materials, clothing, agricultural films, cold-proof cloth, packaging products, etc. There is also a lot of processing waste generated. It would be a pity if these non-woven scraps are directly discarded. In fact, these non-woven scraps are actually of high value, and these non-woven scraps can be made into many types. Economical packaging products.

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