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What are the testing standards for medical non-woven fabrics?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-05

What are the testing standards for medical non-woven fabrics?

The demand for medical non-woven fabrics continues to rise, so we should pay more attention to the quality of medical non-woven fabrics. Xinyu Non-woven is a non-woven Fabric manufacturers, mainly provide customers with non-woven products of various specifications and models. Welcome to buy!

Medical non-woven fabrics are important materials for medical supplies and hygiene products, mainly used to make masks, medical protective clothing, isolation gowns, prohibited items, surgical gauze, wardrobes, etc.

As an important material, non-woven fabrics are directly related to the quality of products. The antibacterial ability, gout resistance, high tear strength, strong water resistance, acid and alkali resistance of medical non-woven fabrics, etc. These performance goals are related to whether front-line medical staff can be better protected.

The main inspection items of non-woven fabrics

area quality measurement, thickness measurement, cracking strength measurement, cracking elongation measurement, physiological saline resistance performance measurement, suction pressure performance measurement, liquid volume measurement Penetration time measurement, overflow measurement, gas permeability measurement, anti-seepage water performance measurement, absorption performance, mechanical penetration performance test, microbial penetration resistance test, color fastness test, permeability test.

Because of the hydrophobic function of non-woven fabrics, excessive and heavy metal instruments are sterilized by high temperature, and condensed water is formed during the cooling process, which easily causes wet wrapping. Therefore, pad water-absorbing materials in the large equipment bag, appropriately reduce the loading capacity of the sterilizer, leave a gap between the sterilization bags, and appropriately extend the drying time to prevent the occurrence of wet bags as much as possible.

The above is the inspection target of non-woven fabrics. The quality of medical non-woven fabrics is related to the health and safety of medical staff and even each of us, so the quality needs to be strictly controlled.

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