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What are the common non-woven quality problems?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-01

What are the common non-woven quality problems? Quality management is an important part of the production and processing links of non-woven enterprises, and its important role is well known. However, in the actual production process, the quality of non-woven products is often difficult control, resulting in various quality problems in the formation of non-woven fabrics.

1. Cut corners. For example, if the customer orders 80g per square meter of fabric, these small manufacturers will use 70g per square meter of fabric in order to reduce costs. If the customer is not professional enough, and there is no special instrument for testing, it is generally impossible to find it. Stealing gram weight is a relatively direct method, and it is also one of the more commonly used methods, which can effectively reduce costs.

2. Insufficient gram weight. The weight of the non-woven fabric can directly affect the weight of the customer's product. During the laying process, the layers are uneven and cannot be accurately formed on the two ends of the link.

3. Uneven thickness. The uneven thickness of the non-woven fabric is also caused by the uneven laying of the fiber cotton in the finishing, laying of the net, the lack of technical experience, and the inaccuracy of the equipment.

4. The tension is not enough. The strength of the tensile force of the non-woven fabric is mainly determined by the number of needle punches. The more the number of times, the stronger the tensile force. Zhicheng Fiber can set different tensile strengths according to customer requirements. Zhicheng Fiber has 4 needle-punched cotton, each of which can reach 1200 times per minute.

5, shoddy. Non-woven fabric manufacturers are mixed with good and bad, and the varieties are complicated. But there are three main types of non-woven fabrics. One is the film-coated material. In order to reduce the cost, this material is actually used to pour a layer of film on the non-woven fabric, which is poor. The second is non-woven fabrics mixed with some recycled materials or fillers. Its characteristics are that it is easy to tear, the gloss is relatively poor, and the fabric is uneven. The third is to use 100 grains of material for production. This kind of fabric is characterized by strong tensile force, uniform cloth and good gloss. When distinguishing, we can touch the non-woven fabric with our hands to feel the smoothness of the surface, and then we can pull it hard to see its stretch resistance. can be usefully differentiated.

With the increasingly fierce competition among non-woven manufacturers, many non-woven companies have started a vicious competition with low prices, but no matter how low the non-woven processing is, for enterprises, as long as the quality is excellent, they can obtain customers Only with the trust of the strong can we always have an advantage in the market competition where the strong bully the weak!

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