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What are the characteristics of non-woven handbags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-30

Non-woven products have quietly entered our lives in China in recent years, and have been widely used in our clothing and handbags, and with time and the deepening of our understanding, in the next In time, it will deepen to more and wider fields and levels. Let's take a look at the characteristics of non-woven handbags.

The main material of non-woven fabrics is polypropylene, while the main component of plastic shopping bags is polyethylene. For these two material components, many of our friends must be very familiar with them. Polyethylene has very strong stability and is difficult to degrade. It takes a long time of 300 years for related plastic products to be decomposed. Polypropylene is different, because of its chemical properties, it only takes 90 days to degrade completely, so it is less polluting to our environment. It is from these levels that our non-woven bags are widely recognized and used.

Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. said that the use of non-woven fabrics is far more than just handbags, and from the current situation, it has been applied to more fields, such as In our automobile industry and electrical industry, a large number of non-woven products have been used.

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