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What are the characteristics of agricultural non-woven fabrics?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-14

Agricultural non-woven fabrics are also a kind of non-woven fabrics. The agricultural non-woven fabrics produced by our company have good tensile strength and filterability, soft hand feel, non-toxic, high air permeability, wear resistance and high pressure resistance.

1. High strength, small difference between vertical and horizontal strength.

2. Acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology.

3. It has excellent air permeability.

The non-woven fabrics produced by our company are not only suitable for agriculture, no matter it is industry, packaging industry, or medical and health industry, there are non-woven fabrics:

1. Industry - cloth for waterproof membrane, cloth for interior and exterior packaging of automobiles, cloth for beach umbrella, filter material; cloth for composite material.

2. Household - cloth for sofa mattress, cloth for pillow and pillow, cloth for storage box and storage box.

3. Medical protective equipment - protective clothing, surgical gowns, masks, hats, sleeves, sheets, pillowcases, etc.

4. Packaging--composite cement bags, quilt storage bags, suit bags, shopping bags, gift bags, luggage and luggage interlining.

5. Agriculture --- UV-proof non-woven fabrics are widely used in agricultural mulching films, herbicide films, seedling raising bags, fruit and vegetable protection bags. It has the advantages of sanitation, heat preservation, insect control, and protection of the green growth of crops.

6. Hotel hygiene products -- Our products are also applied to hotel supplies, such as slippers, sanitary bags, bed sheets, tablecloths, pillowcases, chef hats and other disposable non-woven products.

7. Protective and isolation products---mainly used for protection and isolation, such as cleaning and painting, as well as hospital surgical gowns, surgical caps, masks, and isolation gowns to be worn when visiting patients.

8. Hygienic shoe covers -- mainly used in hygienic and dust-free spaces, such as laboratories, hospitals, etc.

9. Hygiene supplies—mainly used in feminine sanitary napkins, disposable infant diapers, adult diapers, adult nursing pads, pet pads and other products.

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