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Weather-resistant masterbatch solves the aging problem of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-16

Weather-resistant masterbatch product is a functional weather-resistant masterbatch prepared by using a variety of efficient anti-aging additives and carrier resin through special production and processing technology. It can be used in PP non-woven fabrics, especially for outdoor use. The products have excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxidative stability, efficient light stability and weather resistance, which can significantly extend their service life, and can be customized according to customer specific requirements. It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) It can absorb and shield ultraviolet rays in a wide range of wavelengths, and can effectively resist heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate and other factors during outdoor use of PP non-woven fabrics. aging degradation problem.

(2) The anti-aging ingredient has excellent dispersibility in PP non-woven fabric, high stability and long-lasting action time, which ensures the full play of its anti-aging effect;

(3) Matching melt flowability and excellent compatibility with PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics, easy to achieve blending and uniform dispersion with its matrix resin;

(4) Excellent processing Stability, the thermal decomposition temperature of the product reaches above 320 °C, which fully meets the high temperature and heat resistance requirements of PP spinning, ensures the continuous production of PP spinning, avoids the occurrence of wire breakage during the production process and affects the normal production, and improves production. efficient.

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