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Water-soluble non-woven fabric produced by non-woven equipment

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-19

There are a lot of production equipment on the market now, and the production equipment selected by different industries is also different. The clothing industry is a big industry, and the textile industry is also a big industry. The equipment used in the textile industry is very demanding. Many companies need to produce fabrics and cloths in the textile industry. Many companies choose to produce water-soluble non-woven fabrics because of their very good sales and good market prospects. They want to produce good water-soluble non-woven fabrics. You need to use non-woven equipment, and then learn about water-soluble non-woven fabrics produced by non-woven equipment.

In the development of new fibers, water-soluble non-woven fabrics are an environmentally friendly product, and their application range is gradually expanding. The use of polyvinyl alcohol water-soluble fibers to produce spunlace non-woven fabrics is a good material for making clothing that can effectively prevent radiation and prevent pollution. In order to increase the protective effect, it can also be compounded with a water-soluble film to increase the barrier performance of the protective clothing. In addition, in the use of new fibers, the technology of adding superabsorbent fibers (SAF) in the production process has also been developed abroad. This kind of non-woven fabric containing SAF has particularly good soft feel and water absorption properties. When used as underwear, it can quickly absorb the sweat of the human body and increase the comfort of the microenvironment between the clothing and the human body.

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