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Three methods for non-woven manufacturers to produce (2)

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-27

Let's talk with Xinyu Non-woven about the three methods of non-woven fabric manufacturers.

2. Air stretching of primary fibers

In order to improve non-woven fabrics The function of cloth also needs to stretch and orient the nascent fiber to improve the orientation and crystallinity of the fiber, and then improve the physical and mechanical properties of the fiber. It is high in the production of spunbond nonwovens, because the subsequent processes such as spinning, stretching, splitting, laying, and reinforcement are successively high-speed, and the stretching of the fiber is completed in a very short time, and the fiber is also stretched. Provide ideal cooling effect, so the production of spunbond nonwovens mostly uses air stretching.

The principle of airflow drawing process: the filaments are extruded from the spinneret holes, and after cooling by side blowing, they are directly sucked into the silk suction port of the airflow drawing equipment. In the air duct of the stretching equipment, the stretching airflow is blown into the fiber in the direction measurement, and the fiber is accelerated by the clamping action of the high-speed and high-pressure stretching airflow, and the stretching is completed through the stretching nozzle. Air stretching equipment mainly includes tubular drafting machine, narrow slit drafting machine and wide slit drafting machine.

The control of the airflow stretching process mainly goes through the structure of the drafting machine (in the case of constant air volume, the smaller the drafting nozzle and the air duct, the higher the drafting speed and the higher the fiber strength), the drafting Wind temperature, draft wind pressure and wind speed, cooling conditions.

3. Fiber-forming

Fiber-forming is to separate the continuous filaments formed by melt spinning and air drawing to make the monofilaments evenly dispersed. After that, it is laid on the web curtain to form a process of uniform web. Regarding the spunbond nonwoven fabric forming process, it is difficult to control the movement of the fiber filaments because of the selection of continuous filaments to form the web, the time for splitting and laying the web is short, and the disturbance of the high-speed stretching airflow is severe, which affects the fiber forming. Therefore, the spunbond process cannot form thin nonwovens.

Fibre web-forming process, first of all, the fiber filaments that have been drawn by air need to be divided into filaments, the intention is to separate the filament bundles into single filaments to prevent the fibers from sticking during web laying , affecting the uniformity of the fiber web. The methods of wire separation mainly include electrostatic wire separation method, mechanical wire separation method, air separation wire method and so on. The fiber filaments after the separation process are evenly laid on the screen curtain by different techniques to form a non-woven fiber web. The laying process needs to control the movement of the fiber filaments according to the set trajectory, and then ensure that the formed fiber web is firm and uniform. The control of the movement of the fibers can be carried out by mechanical or air flow. Therefore, the methods of laying the net mainly include pen laying, breaking laying, jet laying and flow channel laying. In the process of web laying, in order to quickly fix the structure of the fiber web and prevent the influence of external factors, the method of negative pressure web laying is used, that is, the vacuum suction method is used in the space under the web forming curtain to make the web forming. Negative pressure is generated on the upper surface of the curtain, which then improves the collection and fixation of the fiber filaments. On the one hand, the method of negative pressure web laying has a certain stretching effect on the fibers, and on the other hand, it can dissipate the high-speed airflow ejected by the tubular drafting machine, and prevent the fibers from scattering due to severe airflow disturbance. Therefore, in the laying process, the requirements for fiber laying curtains are relatively high, and laying curtains often require good air permeability, high tensile strength, satisfactory net curtain width and excellent antistatic properties, and It is also equipped with a mesh curtain sealing device to meet the requirements of brackets, transporting webs and separating airflow.

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