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The role of nonwovens in energy saving and emission reduction

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-31

The water and electricity consumption of the technical textiles and nonwovens industry is less serious than other industries with more water and pollution. Because its own production process is not polluted, and it uses less electricity and water, the main indicators are monitored, and there is not much reference. For example, in the production of spunlace non-woven fabrics, many enterprises use circulating water, and some also use reclaimed water, so the task of energy saving and emission reduction is not heavy. The non-woven fabric industry plays an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction due to its low power consumption, no pollution, environmental protection and energy conservation, and has made contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

1. The material of non-woven fabric is special, thicker and harder than ordinary cloth, and there will be no thread drop of cotton, which is convenient for sewing.

2. Non-woven fabrics will not have burrs like other fabrics such as cotton, and have a certain thickness and hardness, which is easy to shape.

3. The things made of non-woven fabrics are cute and realistic, and gifts can express their feelings. There are various colors, you can design different patterns, non-woven books, non-woven cakes, non-woven dolls, non-woven bags... all can be made by our hands.

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