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The price of non-woven fabrics shows a downward trend

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-10

With the stabilization of the domestic new crown epidemic, the mask industry chain, which was once sought after by the market, continued to cool down. It was previously reported that the price of meltblown cloth plummeted by more than 90%. However, even so, the performance of most listed companies engaged in the production of meltblown cloth may have been settled, and the performance of some companies in the first quarter of this year has even exceeded that of the whole year of last year.

Although the current market is gradually getting colder, domestic meltblown cloth manufacturers still make money, but for the future market, most companies say that they cannot predict, depending on the development of the epidemic. For the entire industry, the current market is not as hot as the previous two months, but many types of non-woven fabrics are still in short supply, such as spunlace and microfiber used in the production of fast-moving consumer goods are still increasing, and the popularity is expected to continue. continue until the end of this year.

2020-2023 non-woven supply forecast

China is the world's largest non-woven producer and consumer , but the proportion of meltblown cloth is very low. From the perspective of the production capacity of the industry, in 2015, the annual output of various types of nonwovens in China was 4.85 million tons, and by 2019, it had reached 6.51 million tons, with an average growth rate of 7.64%. Among them, the output of spunbond nonwovens has the highest proportion. In 2015, the output of spunbond nonwovens was 2.3586 million tons. In 2019, the output of spunbond nonwovens increased to 3.2609 million tons, with an average growth rate of 8.44%, accounting for all nonwovens output. The proportion increased from 48.63% to 50.09%. Among them, in terms of composite non-woven fabrics, taking SMS composite fabrics as an example, the output of SMS composite fabrics was 417,900 tons in 2015, and the output expanded to 655,800 tons in 2019, with an average growth rate of 11.92%.

Comparison of the price and profit of meltblown cloth in 2020

The price of meltblown cloth experienced two sharp rises in the first half of 2020, once reaching 720,000 yuan / ton high, and then continued to decline. Since the production cost of meltblown cloth has not changed much, its profit trend is basically the same as the price trend. Although the price of high-melt fiber polypropylene, the raw material of meltblown cloth, soared from about 7,000 yuan / ton to a high of more than 30,000 yuan / ton, the cost once increased, but the increase in cost was far less than the increase in the price of meltblown cloth. Since May, the price of meltblown cloth has been declining, and the profit has decreased. However, due to its low production cost, the theoretical profit has always remained positive without considering the financial costs such as device depreciation.

Comparison of the price and profit of composite non-woven fabrics in 2020

The price of composite non-woven fabrics has been tracked since the beginning of June, showing a downward trend of shock and profit. Be consistent with the price movement. According to the estimated cost, the raw materials of SMS composite non-woven fabrics include fiber-grade polypropylene and melt-blown materials. Although the price of raw materials fluctuates slightly, the maximum amplitude of the cost change during the monitoring period does not exceed 2,000 yuan / ton, but for 40,000 yuan / ton The impact of tons of SMS composite cloth is small, and the cost trend is mainly stable. As of the end of July, the profit of SMS composite non-woven fabrics remained above 20,000 yuan/ton.

During the reporter's investigation, the listed companies were very secretive about their own performance, but it can be seen from the public information that the performance of the relevant companies in the first half of this year may be safe.

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