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The non-woven technology is mature and the market prospect is broad

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-24

In order to explore the development trend of the non-woven industry, we first need to face the current production status of non-woven fabrics.

1The rapid development and wide application of non-woven fabrics

According to the survey and statistics of CNITA (China Industrial Textile Industry Association), the total output of non-woven fabrics in China is showing an upward trend year by year. (growing at an average annual rate of 15.00%), and the total output has ranked first in Asia. The rapid development of the non-woven industry is considered by most economists and entrepreneurs to be a sunrise industry in the new century.

In the production and development of non-woven fabrics, synthetic fibers occupy a significant advantage. The use of new environmentally friendly materials and the penetration of high-tech are fully reflected in the development of the non-woven industry, and the roles of the two have also been brought into full play.

At the same time, non-woven fabrics have been widely used in all social strata and in various economic fields and industries, especially in the construction industry, auto repair industry, clothing industry and medical industry It is the most widely used in the fields of aerospace industry, environmental protection industry and so on.

2The production process of non-woven fabrics is gradually mature

In terms of the current development situation of non-woven fabrics in China, its production lines are growing rapidly, and the production process is in the process of production and development. Continue to mature and improve. At present, China's non-woven production process has formed melt-blown non-woven production lines, spunbond non-woven production lines, needle-punched non-woven production lines, spunlace non-woven production lines, spray-bonded cotton production lines, and high-grade silk-like cotton production lines. Advanced production technology.

The quality of the production equipment directly determines the level of production capacity and production efficiency to a large extent. As far as China's current non-woven productivity is concerned, the production equipment is still mainly domestically produced, and the price is about Less than 1/3 of foreign advanced equipment, although the production efficiency may be slightly inferior, but relying on domestic equipment can effectively reduce the production input and production cost of non-woven fabrics, which is conducive to further improving the market competitiveness of enterprises and optimizing their entire production. economic benefits of the process.

3 Characteristics of China's non-woven production distribution

Compared with other provinces and cities, Guangdong is the main production, sales and application base of non-woven fabrics in China. In this area, production enterprises such as disposable non-woven fabrics for health care products, industrial non-woven fabrics and spunbond non-woven fabrics are stable in terms of production scale, production quality and output, or import and export trade volume. ranked first in China.

Although this region has achieved certain achievements in the non-woven industry, it is still in the process of continuous development and improvement. At the same time, many regions headed by Jiangsu and Zhejiang are also competing for The new production line is dedicated to the continuous research and development of non-woven high-tech and high-tech products.

Faced with the above development status, what kind of development will the non-woven industry develop in the future?

Development basis: a vast development market

With the continuous development of China's social economy and the growing comprehensive national strength, the living standards of the masses have been significantly improved and improved. China's engineering construction has become an inexhaustible driving force for national development, which is one of the main reasons for this good situation.

In addition, the rapid development of China's transportation industry in recent years is also a major factor driving China's economic development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards. According to relevant statistics, the number of cars produced in China is as high as one million each year, and the masses of the people buy a large number of cars for the convenience of travel. Materials and shock-proof materials are inseparable from non-woven fabrics.

In addition, the progress and development of various industries in China will strongly stimulate the consumption of various hygienic absorbent products, air filtration materials, medical and sanitary products, waterproof materials and packaging materials, and these fields are developing There will also be fierce competition in the process, and it will also lead to many problems such as competing for lower prices, sluggish production and low efficiency, which virtually provides a broad market for high-quality and multi-functional non-woven fabrics. Prospects.

Development direction: wide application, green environmental protection

From a practical point of view, non-woven handbags with polyester and polypropylene as the main raw materials have been obtained in various fields. widely used. This type of non-woven handbag is not only not easy to be wetted by water, it is suitable for disposable packaging of clothing, cotton fabrics and knitted products, and the price is relatively low, it can be recycled, and it can effectively replace paper handbags. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the pollution of plastic bags and other items to the ecological environment.

In addition, non-woven handbags have been gradually accepted by domestic and foreign markets and are known as globally recognized green products. It is not difficult to see that the future market of non-woven handbags is very broad, and the cost and technical content required for raw material procurement, production and processing are not high, which points out a new trend for China's non-woven handbag industry. good development direction.

Non-woven has gradually become an emerging industry that attracts global attention. At the same time, China's non-woven industry has developed rapidly and achieved a lot. In the future, the non-woven industry needs to seize the pulse of economic development and pay attention to the increasingly rich needs of consumers in order to make the non-woven industry more prosperous and dynamic!

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