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The non-woven industry rewrites the history of the rise and fall of the packaging industry

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-02

Perhaps people did not expect that while the 'plastic restriction order' was implemented and plastic bag manufacturers were in a state of cessation or semi-shutdown, some industries achieved unexpected development. Among them, non-woven fabrics, which are the main raw materials for the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags, will enter a stage of rapid development in the next five years.

Non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is a kind of fabric that does not require spinning and weaving. It has been widely used in the manufacture of surgical gowns, masks, tablecloths, etc. Non-woven fabrics not only produce fast, The cost is low, and it can be decomposed naturally. It is non-toxic and odorless when burning, and there is no residual material, so it does not pollute the environment, so it is also the most popular raw material for the production of environmentally friendly bags.

According to industry estimates, the annual demand for environmentally friendly shopping bags across the country can reach tens of billions, which will bring huge business opportunities to manufacturers. After the release of the 'Plastic Restriction OrderThere are also a lot of eager posts such as self-reported price.


At the same time, there are many news about the launch of the project in various places. Li Guojun, vice president of China Processing Industry Association, told this reporter that Xialu Town, Shaoxing County, which is building a 'China Nonwoven Production Base50,000 tons, accounting for nearly 30% of China's total non-woven production. 'In addition, some original luggage processing factories are preparing new workshops to produce non-woven bags, and even many garment factories are targeting non-woven business opportunities and starting to transform to produce environmentally friendly shopping bags.'

The reporter learned that a simple non-woven shopping bag with the size of A4 paper costs just over 1 yuan, while the price of bags sold in supermarkets ranges from 3 yuan to 5 yuan.

Li Guojun said: 'In the past five years, the output of non-woven fabrics in China has been growing at an annual rate of 15%.' This is due to the improvement of China's consumption level, which has effectively stimulated various hygiene products, air filter materials, The consumption of medical supplies; on the other hand, various large-scale constructions in China have also greatly promoted the demand for geotextiles, filter materials, waterproof materials, and packaging materials. He said: 'After the 'plastic restriction order', China's non-woven production will have a sudden increase, and it will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend in the next five years. The rapid development of the non-woven industry has become a foregone conclusion.'

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