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The new pp non-woven mulch film has broad prospects for the development of modern agriculture

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-26

For the research and development of degradable mulch materials, PP non-woven materials have been applied in agricultural production in some European and American countries and Japan. PP non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. It has the characteristics of good strength, breathability, strong toughness, non-toxic, odorless, and non-combustion-supporting. It can be changed by adding water-repellent or hydrophilic materials to adapt to the different characteristics of water. According to the production requirements of materials in different occasions, the production process can be flexibly changed to meet the production needs of different environments such as sheds or outdoor fields.

Non-woven materials are degradable materials and can be recycled and reused. They do not release harmful gases when burned, nor do they have any leftover substances. They are internationally recognized as environmentally friendly products that protect the earth's environment. In developed countries, non-woven materials have long replaced plastic films in agricultural production.

For the agricultural application of non-woven materials, Qingdao Agricultural University and Qingdao Wo Nong Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. jointly developed a pp non-woven mulch film. Improve the manufacturing process of ordinary non-woven fabrics, and form a patented formula for the production of agricultural non-woven fabrics, making them breathable, water-permeable, weed-proof, and controllable in service life. Experiments and promotions have been carried out in Weihai, Yantai, Qingdao, Beijing and other regions in Shandong, and the effect is very obvious.

The non-woven mulch film can inhibit the growth of weeds, thereby reducing the labor cost of weeding and the impact of herbicides on the ecological environment of the orchard. Experiments show that the black non-woven fabric has the best weeding effect. When the grass seeds germinate, due to the extremely low light transmittance of the black non-woven fabric, the unearthed weeds can hardly receive sunlight, which directly leads to their inability to photosynthesize. As a result, weeds cannot synthesize organic substances necessary for life activities, and eventually die.

The ability of non-woven fabric to keep warm and moisturizing is mainly determined by its thermal resistance and moisture resistance, which depends on its thickness, the number of pores per unit area and the size of a single pore. The color is determined, so by changing the above factors, the effect of increasing temperature and maintaining humidity can be achieved. At the same time, the biggest difference from PVC mulch is that non-woven fabrics are breathable, which can maintain good respiration of fruit tree roots, promote root growth and metabolism while preventing problems such as root rot due to anaerobic respiration.

For orchards covered with black non-woven mulch, the ground temperature can be increased by 2-3 °C due to the large amount of light radiation absorbed by the non-woven fabric and the effect of heat preservation. In early spring or late autumn, when the outside temperature is low, the ground temperature The improvement of the root can significantly promote the life activities of the root system, which can not only increase the growth of the root system, but also maintain the absorption of water and inorganic salts by the root system and the storage rate of the root organic matter. At the same time, the increase of ground temperature can also prolong the activity time of microorganisms in the soil, increase the decomposition and release of nutrients, effectively improve the nutrient absorption level of fruit trees, and provide sufficient nutrients for the safe wintering of fruit trees and the growth of the next year.

The use of non-woven fabric covering on the surface of the orchard can effectively maintain the soil moisture while increasing the soil temperature. Reducing the frequency of watering, the change in soil moisture is relatively gentle, which is conducive to maintaining a good growth environment for fruit trees and enhancing resistance to diseases.

pp non-woven mulch film has the advantages of traditional mulch film, such as temperature raising, moisture retention, weed control, etc., and has the unique advantages of air permeability, water permeability and degradability, plus its simple manufacturing process and controllable service life, Environmentally friendly and pollution-free, it will have broad development and application prospects in modern agriculture

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