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The main components of ordinary non-woven bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-09

1. Body fabric (generally 96cm in length, 30cm in length, or 76cm in length and 40cm in width).

2. Side fabric (generally 10cm in width, 43cm in height or 33cm in height)

3 , Hemming fabric (generally length 96cm or 76cm width is a fixed value of 2.5cm)

4, wrist fabric (width 6.5cm length 50cm) Nylon portable and non-woven fabrics are mostly used for wrists.

5. There are many kinds of fabric colors: white, red, yellow, black, and blue are more common. If your quantity reaches 1 ton of fabric, you can customize the fabric according to the cmyk on your design draft.

The production temperature of each batch of fabric is different from the discharge speed and time. The same type of fabric also has deviations, and the color deviation will not exceed 6%.

6. Advertising printing: can be printed at Printing on the body fabric and side fabric (generally, the colors of printing advertisements are single-color and two-color, three-color, and more than four colors are called multi-color). The printing pigments are divided into water-based inks and oil-based inks. Generally, only water-based inks are used for environmental protection bags.

7. Printing elements, advertising fonts and strokes should not be too large, water-based ink will decompose when it meets water, (if you use red fabric to print white advertisements, the bag will be partially decomposed when water-based ink meets water, and red fabric will leak out) The printed font should not be too small, and the stroke width should be 0.03cm as the boundary (the font will be blurred when hand-printed if the font is too small)

8, color registration, some companies have two or more logos, which will be tied To the professional term of color registration, (print what color first, and then print other colors on the printed color)

9, peritoneum, (also known as offset printing, first print the pattern to be printed on one layer The film is then pressed on the non-woven fabric or other carrier that needs to print an advertisement through special machine processing.) The peritoneal film is a color advertisement, which is suitable for enterprises that need to print products or their own brands on large quantities. The price is higher than ordinary

10, heat transfer similar to peritoneal film can also print color advertisements. Suitable for small color printing environmental protection bag styles,

11, foldable (on the basis of ordinary environmental protection bags Add a small pocket, and a button. It folds up like a wallet, suitable for bank use. Also known as a wallet-style eco-bag, it has the advantage of looking good)

12. PVC eco-friendly bag (also known as cotton Quilt bag, cut 1 part or 2 parts of the body fabric and put PVC stickers on it. It is suitable for companies that put products inside so that customers can see the products. Back-shoulder environmental protection bags (also known as school bags, remove the side of ordinary environmental protection bags and do not use them). The hemming is directly sewed, and the rope is added under it to make a suspender) suitable for school use.

13. Cross bag (that is, it is made like a canvas satchel,) suitable for conference use and divided according to the fabric.

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