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The main application of anti-aging PP non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-25

Non-woven fabrics have high economic benefits. They are of various types and are widely used. The raw materials include not only natural fibers such as cotton, but also chemical fibers such as viscose and polypropylene. They are non-toxic, harmless, and rich in color. , has strong wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and will not be moldy, moth-eaten, is the largest production scale in non-woven fabrics. From the perspective of its function, it can be divided into antibacterial, hydrophilic, antistatic, antiaging, flame retardant and other categories, mainly used in medical and health, health care, industry and agriculture, construction, civil engineering, water conservancy, home decoration and other fields.

The application status of anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics is summarized as follows:

1. Geotechnical greening

PP non-woven fabrics are due to their enhanced alkali resistance It has the characteristics of acid resistance, mildew resistance and insect resistance, decomposition resistance, weathering resistance, and non-deformation resistance, and is widely used in the field of geotechnical engineering. And its storage and transportation are convenient and the price is relatively low. From its function, it mainly includes reinforcement, isolation, filtration, drainage, etc., and can be used in dam buildings and railway, airport and highway facilities. Among them, in railway construction, it can be combined with its characteristics to effectively solve the risks of subgrade mud and mud; in dam construction, by laying such geotextiles can effectively resist soil erosion, avoid river bank collapse, and be used for underground drainage and During the construction of retaining walls, soft soil foundation drainage, etc. In addition, in urban buildings, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics can be used for lawn green space planting, which is not only less harmful to the environment, but also maintains heat preservation and facilitates irrigation. Even in the dormant and yellowing periods, the lawn can become vibrant. And maintenance is convenient, can reduce construction intensity, and improve lawn aesthetics, can be reused. Of course, this kind of woven fabric can also be used in the slope protection greening of highways and in the spraying and planting of mountain rocks.

2. Agricultural planting

The previous agricultural PP non-woven fabrics are prone to aging and cracking under long-term sunlight exposure, and the life cycle is short. The anti-aging type PP non-woven fabric is made of polyester, PP raw materials, etc., of which the PP content is relatively high, and it has strong permeability to moisture and air, and can penetrate chemical agents, and its structure is relatively high. It is loose and can be used together with insecticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. In addition, the anti-aging PP non-woven fabric also has a good microclimate adjustment effect, which can not only heat insulation and heat preservation, but also effectively resist ultraviolet rays, thereby effectively improving the growth environment of plants. From the perspective of its agricultural production, it is mainly used for crop cover, plant growth substrate, greenhouse, farmland water and soil protection, etc. Due to the low cost of anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics, short processing procedures, good toughness and strength, and good mechanical properties, it can be reused and easy to recycle, so it can provide a good guarantee for agricultural planting.

3. Industrial production

In addition to the construction industry and agricultural planting fields, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics are also widely used in industrial production because of their environmentally friendly characteristics. Included in headliners, automotive acoustic and thermal interior trim, instrument panels, and hood linings. Especially in automotive interior parts, since many manufacturers want to use materials with strong durability and corrosion resistance instead of non-recyclable foam materials, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics are used. Of course, in other fields, such as outdoor billboards, outdoor sportswear, sun hats, umbrellas and tents, outdoor home textiles, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics also have a wide range of applications.

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