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The function of Wenzhou Xinyu grass-proof cloth

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-09

Weed control cloth is a type of agricultural non-woven fabric. Its main function is to prevent weeds in agriculture, which can effectively prevent the growth of weeds and reduce farmers' troubles in weeding. Next, we will introduce the Xinyu weed control cloth in detail. effect.

Xinyu anti-grass cloth is an agricultural non-woven fabric with good air permeability, fast water seepage, control of weed growth, and prevention of roots from burrowing out of the ground. It prevents sunlight from irradiating the weeds below through the ground weed-proof cloth, so that the weeds cannot perform photosynthesis, so as to prevent the growth of weeds. It can prevent plant roots from burrowing out of the ground, beautify the environment, improve labor efficiency and economic benefits, prevent and control environmental pollution, reduce the use of pesticides, and prevent the invasion and growth of insects and small animals. Good, fast water seepage, which improves the water absorption capacity of plant roots, which is beneficial to the growth of plants and prevents root rot. , It can be arranged accurately according to the marking line to improve labor efficiency. The weed-proof cloth can be used in vegetable greenhouses and planting flowers to prevent the growth of weeds, without the use of harmful pesticides such as herbicides. It can truly produce green food, and at the same time The product can be recycled to achieve the purpose of waste reduction and environmental protection.

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