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The favorable and unfavorable factors affecting the development of non-woven manufacturers

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-18

Favorable factors affecting the development of China's non-woven industry mainly include: industrial support policies, rapid development of non-woven technology, continuous application in new fields and strong downstream demand. The unfavorable factors affecting the development of China's non-woven industry are mainly price-based competition and lack of brand recognition.

1) Favorable factors

a, industrial support policies

In the 'Textile Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan' issued by the State Council and various policies of local governments, The state has given policy support in terms of capital, technology and industry norms, and successively formulated strategic plans and basic projects that are conducive to industrial development, which greatly boosted the confidence in industrial development and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and optimized development of the industry.

b. Rapid development of non-woven technology

At present, China has entered the third technological stage. In this stage, textile technology has been further improved. The craftsmanship has reached a high-end level. The high-speed needle punching machine with 2000 stitches per minute and the 1500 stitches per minute sewing machine have a huge scale.

c、Continuously applied in new fields

Non-woven fabrics are continuously applied in new fields, especially in medical and health care, new building materials, ecological agriculture, and household textile products. Because of low cost, environmental protection and application, it is constantly replacing some plastic products and textile products.

d, strong downstream demand

China's economy is developing rapidly, and residents' income is constantly increasing, and the demand for non-woven fabrics has not been fully released. It is far from meeting the normal demand, such as the market demand for sanitary napkins and baby diapers soaring. Second, the technology is constantly breaking through and being continuously applied in new fields, so the applicable industries are extremely wide and the demand is large.

The continuous improvement of residents' living standards has a great demand for materials

2) Unfavorable factors

Because of the huge market space for non-woven fabrics, it has been affected by the market and policies in recent years , There are many new companies in the industry. Due to the technical and capital thresholds, there are certain good and bad products. Most of the competition methods are price-based and lack of brand recognition, which is not conducive to the development of the industry.

On the other hand, Nabaichuan Capital believes that: in terms of policy, stabilize domestic and foreign markets, improve independent innovation capabilities, accelerate the implementation of technological transformation, eliminate outdated production capacity, optimize regional layout, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. will become the next strategic direction. A package of measures and opportunities such as encouraging enterprises to implement mergers and reorganizations and increasing financial support for textile enterprises will affect the accelerated reshuffle of the industry.

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