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The effect of fiber properties on the properties of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-20

1. Fiber length: The fiber length of the non-woven fabric is long, the strength of the product is high, and the uniformity is good, but the fiber is too long, which is not conducive to carding, and it is easy to produce fiber knots. Airlaid generally uses a fiber length of about 10mm, and mechanical carding generally uses a fiber length of less than 65mm.

2. Fiber linear density: The smaller the linear density of the fiber, the higher the strength of the non-woven fabric and the better the uniformity. When the fiber linear density is too large, the elasticity of the fiber will be better. Some non-woven products require a certain degree of wear resistance and resilience, which requires that the fiber linear density should not be too small.

3. The degree of curling of the fibers: when the degree of coiling of the fibers is small, the cohesion between the fibers will be relatively small, which will make it difficult to form a network, the uniformity of the cloth surface will be poor, and the strength will be poor. If it is lower, the non-woven fabric will have a poor feel and poor elasticity. When the crimp of the fiber is relatively large, the uniformity, strength, feel and elasticity of the fiber product will be significantly improved.

4. The cross-sectional shape of the fiber: the cross-section of the heterosexual fiber is usually larger than that of the circular fiber, the contact surface will be larger, and the strength of the non-woven fabric produced is usually higher.

5. The friction coefficient of the fiber surface: when the friction coefficient of the fiber surface is large, the tangential resistance between the fibers is large, and the strength of the non-woven fabric is high, but this also causes the resistance to increase during puncture. When manufacturing needle-punched non-woven fabrics, an excessively large coefficient of friction can easily lead to needle breakage.

6. Strength of fibers: Generally speaking, the strength of fibers is greater, and the strength of non-woven fabrics will also be greater.

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