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The difference between PP non-woven fabric and PET non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-31

Non-woven fabrics are also called non-woven fabrics, or non-woven fabrics. It is a kind of fabric formed without spinning and weaving, but by orienting or randomly arranging textile staple fibers or filaments to form a web structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. Non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principle, and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many sources of raw materials.

The most common ones are PP non-woven fabrics and PET non-woven fabrics, so what are the differences between them?

First, the raw materials are different: the raw material of PP non-woven fabric is polypropylene, that is, polypropylene fiber. The raw material of PET non-woven fabric is polyester, that is, polyester fiber.

Second, the high temperature resistance is different: PP has a high temperature resistance of about 200 degrees, while PET has a high temperature resistance of about 290 degrees, and PET is more resistant to high temperature than PP.

Third, from the perspective of environmental protection, PP is easier to decompose and has a short decomposition period, while PET requires a very long time period.

Fourth, tension, tension, bearing capacity, the same weight, PET is larger than PP.

5. PP waste can be recycled and reused, while PET cannot be recycled, so the cost of PP is lower.

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