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The difference between non-woven fabric and ordinary fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-24

Definition of non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics, the normative name is non-woven fabrics, which are defined as oriented or randomly arranged fibers that are formed by friction, cohesion or adhesion or a combination of these methods. Sheets, webs or batts made by bonding with each other. Excludes paper, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, tufted fabrics, stitched fabrics with stitched yarns, and wet-rolled felts. The fibers used can be natural fibers or chemical fibers; short fibers, filaments or fibers formed in situ.

The chemical fibers commonly used in the production of non-woven fabrics are mainly polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), in addition to nylon (PA), viscose, acrylic, ethylene (HDPE), chlorine Fiber (PVC) and so on.

The commonly used web-forming processes are dry-laid, air-laid, carded, wet-laid, melt-blown, spun-laid, and the like.

Commonly used web consolidation processes include entanglement, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, needle punching, hydroentangling, hot calender bonding, point/print bonding, thermal bake bonding and so on.

The difference between wet-laid nonwovens (wet-laid non-woven fabrics) and wet-laid paper

a) The raw materials used are different: wet-laid paper usually only uses plant fibers (chemical or mechanical Wood pulp), while wet-laid nonwovens must contain a certain amount of chemical fibers;

b) Different production equipment: wet-laid paper is usually produced by fourdrinier wire, rotary wire or sandwich paper machine, while Wet-laid non-woven fabrics are usually produced by slanted mesh non-woven machines;

c) The production process is different: wet-laid papermaking is mainly formed by chemical bonds on the surface of wood pulp fibers, while wet-laid nonwovens are Woven fabrics are usually formed by consolidation processes such as chemical bonding and thermal drying.

The difference between non-woven fabrics and paper and ordinary fabrics

In addition to being distinguished from their respective definitions, non-woven fabrics also have some other unique properties, such as It is said that the non-woven fabric is very fluffy, has a high bulk, and has excellent air permeability. In addition, the non-woven fabric is relatively soft and has a fabric-like feeling that paper does not have, and also has a stiffness that ordinary cloth does not have. That is to say, the feeling of non-woven fabrics is between paper and cloth, which also facilitates the posting of non-woven wallpapers, and consumers can distinguish them from the touch. Of course, the biggest advantage of non-woven fabrics is that it has a very high dry and wet strength, which can be peeled off as a whole during the second decoration, which is not available in paper.

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