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The difference between medical non-woven fabrics and ordinary non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-25

According to different application fields, non-woven fabrics can be roughly divided into medical non-woven fabrics and ordinary non-woven fabrics. So what are the differences between non-woven fabrics used in hospitals and ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics?


What is a medical non-woven fabric

Medical non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need spinning and weaving. It is mainly bonded together by physical methods, so when When you glue, you will find that the thread cannot be pulled out of the non-woven fabric.

It breaks through the traditional textile principle. Compared with traditional pure cotton woven textiles, medical non-woven fabrics are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light in weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating. It is very suitable for the medical field due to its advantages of sex, low price, and recyclability.

Medical non-woven fabric VS ordinary non-woven fabric

1. Reflection of antibacterial effect

Excellent medical non-woven fabric generally needs to use three layers of smmms Melt-blown layer structure, the common medical non-woven fabric in the industry uses a single-layer melt-blown layer structure for short messages. In comparison, the antibacterial performance of the three-layer structure is better than that of the single-layer structure. Non-medical ordinary non-woven fabrics do not have a melt-blown layer in the middle, and cannot perform antibacterial effect.

2. Compatible with a variety of sterilization

Excellent medical non-woven fabrics need to be suitable for a variety of sterilization methods at the same time, preferably pressure steam, ethylene oxide, The three sterilization methods of hydrogen peroxide plasma can be used at the same time. Ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics cannot be sterilized.

3. Strict quality control

For high-quality medical non-woven fabrics, the production process needs to pass the certification of the ISO13485 international medical product quality control system. Every step in the production process has real-time online inspection. This can ensure that each piece of non-woven fabric sent to the hospital is of good quality and has a relevant batch inspection report. However, ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics do not need to reach medical grade inspection.

4. Care and use of health

Excellent medical non-woven fabrics will use green, safe and environmentally friendly PP particles, and it is best to issue a report on relevant hygiene and toxicology requirements. Ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics cannot withstand sterilization conditions such as high humidity and high temperature, and of course they do not need to produce relevant toxicology reports.

In China, the investment of medical non-woven fabrics in the medical and health industry has reached more than 100 billion yuan, of which the total output value of sanitary products and materials is about 64 billion yuan, and it is developing in the direction of diversification. The market prospect of medical non-woven fabrics is very impressive.

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