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The difference between laminating non-woven fabric and laminating non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-13

Laminated non-woven fabrics and coated non-woven fabrics are both developed to make non-woven fabrics waterproof. Due to their different production processes, the final effects are also different.

First, the coated non-woven fabric is made by melting plastic particles with equipment and then spraying it on the surface of the non-woven fabric. The advantages are fast production speed and low cost. Laminated non-woven fabrics are produced by compounding the printed or produced pe film and non-woven fabrics in high temperature equipment. The thickness of the two materials can be determined by the raw materials.

Second, from the perspective of color. Because the coated non-woven fabric is formed by a film and a non-woven fabric at one time, the products produced have obvious small pits on the surface. .

Laminated non-woven fabrics

Third, in the production of laminating non-woven fabrics, the technical cost of adding anti-aging agents after the plastic is melted is too high. Anti-aging agents are rarely added to woven fabrics, so that the aging speed is faster under sunlight. Since the PE film used in the peritoneal non-woven fabric has been added with an anti-aging agent before production, its anti-aging effect is also better than that of the coated non-woven fabric.

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