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The difference between domestic non-woven fabrics and imported non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-04

Everyone knows that the price of imported products is much higher than that of domestic products. Even though it is the same product and the same process, in the non-woven industry, what is the difference between imported and domestic products?

Imported non-woven fabric: bright colors. Thick and strong, washable, not easy to pill (it's impossible not to pill. It's just less easy to pill. If someone tells you that you can't pill, it must be a lie yours), good tensile properties! The environmental protection of imported non-woven fabrics reaches European standards.

Special note: Imported non-woven fabrics are not directly imported fabrics from abroad, but fabrics made of imported raw materials. 100% polyester

Domestic non-woven fabric: soft, suitable for making soft things, compared with imported ones. The domestic color is slightly worse, and it is easier to pilling. Therefore, it is best not to use domestic cloth when making card sleeves, mobile phone ornaments, cakes, children's toys and other frequently touched small objects.

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