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The development prospect of needle punched non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-04

Needle-punched non-woven fabrics account for 28 to 30 percent of non-woven fabric production lines. In addition to conventional air filtration and dust control, the new application space of needle-punched non-woven fabrics is being Outreach, transportation, industrial wiping… virtually any combination of nonwoven processes or types is possible, making its properties ideally suited to specific, additional application requirements.

Standardization issues such as the large standard gap and the lag in revision of needle-punched non-woven products are also valued by all parties involved in production and application. Industrial textiles involve the fields of hygiene, safety, environmental protection, etc. According to the Standardization Law, mandatory standards should be formulated, but there are few existing mandatory standards, which also affects the difficulty of unifying the requirements of various indicators of the standard, and the implementation is also affected. . On the one hand, product producers tend to focus on general product performance and use relevant recommended national or industry standards drafted by the textile industry; on the other hand, product users tend to focus on product engineering performance and use relevant industry standards, resulting in great contradictions.

In addition, the standard system is not in line with international standards. In view of the insufficient centralized management of China's industrial textile industry, there is no organization that pays close attention to and specializes in international and foreign advanced industrial textile standards, and the collection, aggregation, and analysis of relevant standard information are insufficient, resulting in index requirements and testing methods and international standards. formulate inconsistencies.

Industrial textiles have different uses, and are unfamiliar and complex than other textiles. It is a test for all personnel involved in technical textiles, including experts. Therefore, the consensus of the industry is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and role of industrial textile associations at all levels, speed up the formulation and revision of industrial textile standards, and jointly promote the scientific and standardized operation of industrial textile standardization.

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