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The demand of non-woven manufacturers has increased greatly, and it is difficult for flour enterprises to pack

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-25

The non-woven packaging bag manufacturers are even more sighed that the price of one ton of non-woven fabrics has risen to 60,000-70,000 yuan.>

'The raw materials of non-woven fabrics have all been transferred to make masks, and there is currently no clear price for packaging bags, because there is also a shortage of cloth.'

The price of non-woven fabrics has skyrocketed, and the huge demand for masks is the fuse.

The increase in the price of upstream raw materials has led to the price increase of scarcity in the downstream. At present, the price of non-woven fabrics for masks has skyrocketed , according to the daily quotation, the purchase of melt-blown non-woven fabrics by some manufacturers increased from 18,000 to 240,000 per ton. At the peak, melt-blown non-woven fabrics increased from 20,000 to 400,000 per ton. It is also difficult to buy spot goods, which is not only determined by the relationship between supply and demand, but also the driving force behind the high price.

During the epidemic, driven by huge demand, many mask manufacturers expanded their production, and more than 3,000 companies made masks across borders, such as Sinopec, Oppo, Toyota, BYD, SAIC-GM-Wuling, etc. Laymen have joined the ranks of the mask-making army.

Before the epidemic, non-woven fabrics were mainly used for the production of products such as packaging bags, eco-friendly bags, diapers and wet wipes. Due to the current shortage of non-woven fabrics used for masks, and it has become a 'sweet pastryThis has resulted in a serious shortage of raw materials for other functional non-woven fabrics.

Perhaps, you may have doubts, the non-woven materials of masks and packaging bags are different!

Then why is there such a shortage of masks and packaging? Although the materials of non-woven bags are inconsistent, the source materials will have a certain degree of overlap. They are all made of polypropylene. Everyone runs to focus on the production of non-woven fabrics for masks. Of course, the raw materials are in short supply.

Faced with soaring non-woven bags, what should flour companies do?

The price of non-woven fabrics is rising rapidly, almost as fast as a rocket. Many packaging bag manufacturers are also clenching their teeth to increase prices for customers. Masks are not the same as flour packaging bags. Flour packaging bags are long-term The demand for products, such a price increase rate, can only force flour enterprises to directly abandon non-woven packaging bags. After all, flour is a livelihood product, and the increase is limited, and the cost is so increasing, of course, flour enterprises cannot bear it.

For non-woven packaging bags, flour enterprises seem to have only two choices at present. One is to continue to buy at high prices, after all, the supply of raw materials is indeed in short supply, and the other is to directly use non-woven packaging bags, because I really can't bear the sudden increase in costs. Currently, wheat is rising, and non-woven bags are also rising. Who will pay for this high cost in the end?

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