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The current manufacturing difficulties and solutions of non-woven separators

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-13

At present, the biggest difficulty of non-woven diaphragm is mainly the problem of low production efficiency caused by hardware equipment. The production speed of traditional diaphragms is about 30-50 meters per minute, assuming that the production speed of traditional diaphragms is 60-100 square meters per minute when the width is 2 meters, and 100-150 square meters per minute when the width is 3 meters. The maximum speed of spinning can reach 200 square meters per minute.

In order to achieve such production efficiency, one of the solutions that can be solved is that Professor Jin Yishui of Shinshu University in Japan used electrospinning technology to develop a method for continuous film formation. The width of the body is 3.8 Electrospinning equipment with a length of more than 80 meters can greatly improve the mass production efficiency of electrospinning, and it is also suitable for the production of other types of non-woven fabrics.

In terms of cost, it is necessary to use matching fibers according to the pore size, thickness and uniformity of the diaphragm during the manufacturing process. Generally speaking, the finer the fiber, the higher the cost. The cost of PET fiber with nanometer diameter is more than 10,000 yen/kg (about 600 yuan/kg). If this grade of fiber is used as the material of non-woven diaphragm, the cost is about 100 yen (about 6 yuan) per square meter or more.

Another approach is to grind existing fibers even finer, which is already used in the manufacture of supercapacitor separators. The fiber grinding method can also be applied to lithium batteries, but it should be decided whether to apply a ceramic coating according to the specific situation. It is believed that more technologies will be applied to this field in the future.

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