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The correct installation method of non-woven wallpaper

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-03

Non-woven wallpaper is one of the many products of non-woven fabrics. When pasting and using non-woven wallpaper, the method is different from the usual wall decoration. When operating, try to install it according to the following methods.

1. Wallpaper cropping

Arrange the wallpaper according to the serial number of the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, reserve 5 cm above and below the height of the wall to cut the wallpaper, remember to cut one roll of wallpaper at a time to prevent quality problems.

2. Wall treatment

The wall surface should be flat, clean, dry, and uniform in color. There should be no gaps and uneven unevenness. Before construction, the wall surface should be treated with base film (or varnish).

3. Brush wallpaper glue

The glue for sticking non-woven wallpaper must be evenly brushed on the wall, with a thickness of 2mm. Never brush the glue directly on the back of the non-woven fabric, let alone soak it in water. Different from other wallpapers, non-woven fabrics should have a thicker and thicker glue than other wallpapers, making it less fluid.

4. Paste wallpaper

The non-woven wallpaper is posted in the order that has been compared in advance.

5. Construction wallpaper cutting

It is necessary to lap the edges and cut the construction. The specific method is to lap the edges during construction. The number of laps depends on the pattern, about 3 cm. Plain non-woven fabrics are constructed by the method of positive and negative sticking during construction. After ensuring that the pattern is aligned, press the ruler at the overlapping place to cut, try to avoid cutting at the outside corner, so as not to cause the wallpaper to warp at the outside corner, and ensure that the cutting knife is sharp when cutting. There should be no burrs, and at the same time, pay attention to the strength of the knife. It is necessary to ensure that one cut and one knife are cut in two, but the surface of the wall cannot be excessively damaged.

6. Clean the wallpaper after sticking

If there is dust on the surface after construction, use a short-bristle brush or duster to flick it, and do not wipe it with a wet towel to cause pollution to expand.

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