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Thailand's nonwovens market has a bright future

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-18

In order to better help Chinese nonwovens upstream and downstream enterprises understand the development status, investment prospects, economic and trade cooperation and future trends of Thailand's nonwovens industry, Zhang Chuanxiong, Secretary General of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, led a delegation to visit the first Southeast Asian African Weaving Materials and Disposable Goods Exhibition (ANDTEX2019), visited relevant local production enterprises and universities on the spot, and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with enterprises and universities. The survey results are summarized as follows.

1. Overview of Thailand's nonwovens industry

The Thai government formally proposed the 'Thailand 4.0' high-value-added economic model in 2016, striving to develop high-value-added industries through innovation and technological means , to promote the transformation and upgrading of Thailand's industries and the development of new economic models, and enhance the country's competitiveness. Thailand will make every effort to promote the 'Thailand 4.0' strategy in the next two decades, so that the country can get out of the 'middle-income trap' and enter the ranks of developed countries. A major carrier to achieve this strategic goal is the 'Eastern Economic Corridor' project, that is, in the three provinces of Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong on the eastern coast of Thailand, through vigorous construction of infrastructure and the implementation of a series of preferential investment policies to encourage high added value. It is hoped that the 'Eastern Economic Corridor' will be built into a high-tech industrial cluster area. As an important supporting raw material for high value-added industries encouraged by Thailand, the nonwovens industry will also usher in better development opportunities.

2. Future development focus of Thailand's nonwovens

The future development of Thailand's nonwovens industry mainly has three key areas: vehicles supporting the automotive and medical industries that Thailand will focus on supporting in the future , medical nonwovens, and nonwoven geomaterials that benefit from growing infrastructure.

Automotive nonwovens

At present, Thailand has become the automobile manufacturing center in Southeast Asia and the largest automobile market in ASEAN, and the automobile industry has developed into the largest pillar industry in Thailand. The amount of textiles in a car will increase from 20 kg in 2010 to 35 kg in 2020. With the lightweight development trend of automobiles and the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, there will be more applications of non-woven fabrics and Expanding to the automotive field, natural fiber products such as banana and coconut fiber in Thailand will usher in new opportunities for application and expansion in the automotive field.

Non-woven fabrics for health care

Thailand's stable macro economy and the improvement of consumer demand and consumption level have continuously increased the rate of Thai women and babies using disposable hygiene products. In addition, the aging population in Thailand has become increasingly serious in recent years. In 2018, the elderly population in Thailand increased to 10.5 million, accounting for about 15% of the country's total population. It is expected that the proportion will increase to 20% in 2020, which will continue to stimulate adult incontinence products. growth of. Given the relatively low birth rate of babies in Thailand, it is expected that in the next decade, the number of adult incontinence products in Thailand will surpass that of baby diapers, leading the development of disposable hygiene products in Thailand in the future.

In the medical field, Thailand has an internationally advanced medical team and modern medical equipment, and has won a lot of reputation in the world. In addition to public hospitals, there are more than 400 private hospitals in Thailand. It is estimated that in 2019, Thai medical workers will consume 700,000 pieces of medical clothing and 6.9 million pieces of surgical protective clothing, which still has great development prospects in this field in the future.

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