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Talk about absorbent non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-21

When it comes to absorbent non-woven fabrics, there are preconceived notions, and everyone may think of spunlace fabrics, because this type of fabric is still used in daily life, such as wet wipes, cotton pads, etc. Spunlace cloth is generally a low-gram weight product with a relatively thin thickness, so there is still a certain deficiency in water absorption. Large-capacity water-absorbing non-woven fabric is required. Needle-punched cloth is the recommended choice. What are the specific ones? The merits, see the next paragraph!

Absorbent non-woven fabric needs to absorb more water, so it needs a larger volume, which cannot be achieved by spunlace cloth, while needle punched cloth can achieve more than 1000 grams, and the density is high. The volume is also expanded, and the water storage capacity is naturally larger. Needle-punched cloth is a fiber product, and it also has a water storage function. If you want better water absorption, it cannot be achieved by ordinary polyester fibers alone. At this time, you need to add a certain proportion of plant fibers to blend, which is hydrophilic. The performance is improved, the speed of water absorption is faster, and the capacity is larger.

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