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Standardized management is the primary productive force of non-woven production

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-17

After experiencing the tough professional market challenges and the production and processing of the market demand, the remaining non-woven manufacturers are now recognized by the professional market and are very mature in product production and processing. It's just that the reason may not be what we understand and recognize. It is a gratifying thing that the modern production and processing of new technology is continuously integrated into the non-woven fabrics of non-woven fabric manufacturers.

All modern science and technology need to rely on and institutionalized management to transform into actual productive forces. In the final analysis, the management mode of non-woven manufacturers, today's standardized management technology and technological innovation are closely linked, so people call management science soft science, management technology as soft technology, and then regard management technology as the basic of science and technology. elements. In this practical sense, standardized management has naturally become the primary productive force of non-woven manufacturers.

The social development is constantly progressing, and non-woven fabric manufacturers must also develop in an all-round way, so naturally the addition of science and technology is inevitable. Today's non-woven fabrics are no longer interwoven and woven together by strands of yarns Instead, the fibers are directly bonded together in a physical way, so if you get the sticky scale in your clothes, you will find that you can't pull out a single thread. It breaks through the basic principles of traditional textiles, and has the characteristics of short production process, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many sources of raw materials.

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