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Separation process of the basic process of spunbond nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-09

The basic process of spunbond non-woven fabric separation process

The non-woven filament separation technology refers to the separation of the filaments after stretching into single filaments to prevent the fibers from sticking or entangled with each other during web formation.

Commonly used non-woven fabric separation methods are as follows:

1. Fractionation method uses the aerodynamic effect (such as the use of sudden diffusion of air flow) to divide the filaments produced by the stretched air flow in a certain shape of the pipeline. .

2. The air separation method separates the stretched thread from the baffle, the deflection plate or the vibrating plate at a high speed and vibrates. Wall-attached pendulum wire, a pendulum wire roller oscillating laterally is set at the outlet of the drafting tube, and the frequency of the pendulum wire is usually below 400Hz. When the suction under the mesh is insufficient and the air flow fluctuates, it is easy to produce parallel wire, and the longitudinal and transverse strength of the product is relatively small. When hitting the pendulum wire, the hitting head similar to agricultural spray is used, and the hitting frequency is 800-1200Hz.

3. The forced electrification method makes the wire pass through an electrostatic field of up to tens of thousands of volts (or even higher) during the stretching, so that the wire strips with the same charge are repelled and separated from each other, but it has no effect on the airflow. Remember to use other technical means to achieve the problem of uniform deceleration of airflow after drafting.

4. The molar electrification method uses the static electricity generated by the mutual friction of the thread during the stretching process to separate the thread. In order to increase the charged strength of the thread, the cross section of the fiber is selected, and some additives that can increase the electrostatic effect can also be added to the polymer.

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