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Reasons and solutions for non-woven wet bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-06

The reason for wet packing of non-woven fabrics

First: the instruments are not completely dried after cleaning, and there is water before packing.

Second: The steam humidity of the sterilizer is too high.

Third: insufficient drying time after sterilization.

Fourth: Take out the sterilization bag immediately after the sterilizer is turned on, and do not take out the condensed water after the sterilization bag cools down.

It is a common problem in the department that non-woven fabrics are easy to wet-pack, so under the same conditions, the fundamentals of non-woven fabrics are:

non-woven fabrics and cotton cloth and wrinkles The surface tension of paper is different, which makes it easier for water vapor to form water droplets on the surface of the non-woven fabric (especially the contact between the metal and the non-woven fabric), while it is not easy to condense on the surface of cotton cloth and crepe paper because the water droplets are dispersed. The more the water is dispersed, the larger the specific surface area of u200bu200bthe water, the faster the evaporation rate, and the less the wet pack phenomenon.


1. Increase the steam saturation and adjust the trap.

2. Appropriately reduce the load in the sterilizer, leaving a gap between the packages.

3. Properly prolong the drying time.

4. Put absorbent material in the large equipment bag.

5. After sterilization, open the door 20cm and dry for 30 minutes.

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