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Printing methods and characteristics of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-25

I often see colorful shopping bags in supermarkets with different logos printed on them. What is their printing method, most of them use screen printing

Craft, also known as 'screen printing'.

What are the characteristics of silk screen printing:

1. Beautiful, yes, bright colors;

2. The price is high, yes, silk screen printing is the most expensive in all non-woven printing processes, according to the number of colors, one color is as little as a dime,

More than fifty or six cents;

3. Sheet loading, slow speed, most screen printing machines only support sheet loading printing, but not roll material printing, so the printing efficiency by manual scraping is very low.

With the continuous improvement of the market's requirements for non-woven printing products, the above characteristics of silk screen printing are obviously unsatisfactory. Here we introduce the current market

Several of the mainstream:

1. Offset printing (gravure printing). This type of printing technology is to make the pattern to be printed on the rubber in a raised manner, and the plate making process

It is fast, and then it is printed by machine. The printing feature is that it does not damage the ink, low consumption and energy saving. It is characterized by surface printing and limited pattern expression.

Second, copperplate printing (gravure printing). This kind of printing technology is to make the pattern to be printed on the copper chrome in a concave way, the plate making process is slow,

Then it is printed by machine, which is characterized by exquisite printing and fast speed.

3. Thermal transfer printing. This method is rather troublesome, that is, the graphics are first printed on the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then the pattern is heated by the transfer equipment.

Transfer to non-woven fabric. The medium commonly used in textile printing is thermal transfer film, and its advantages are: exquisite, layered version, comparable to photos.

Therefore, we see that the non-woven bags with beautiful styles are more expensive, because the cost of this method is high.

The above are all about the printing method of non-woven fabrics, because each method is different, and the consumption cost and use time are different,

Hence the difference in price. The more beautiful the more expensive, the more simple and monotonous the cheaper.

Finally, let's talk about printing pigments

Ink. It is named because of the use of water-based elastic glue as the printing medium, which is more common in textile printing, also called printing. Color paste when printing

Blended with water-based elastic glue. No chemical solvent is needed when printing the plate, and it can be washed directly with water. It is characterized by good tinting strength, strong covering and fastness,

Washable, basically no odor.

The ink has good tinting strength and strong color expression, but the environmental protection performance is worse than that of ink.

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