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Non-woven slitting

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-22

Non-woven slitting: Trane merged into Maxcess Group in 1995. Non-woven slitting (model MC18/400830/1898) slices and divides wide-format materials according to different needs during the production process. A device for cutting etc.

Application fields of non-woven slitting

Non-woven slitting machine is mainly used to slit wide and wide rolls into various narrow rolls suitable for production needs, The slitting process includes two processes: unwinding and rewinding. The tension control of the unwinding and rewinding materials is the key link of the slitting machine. The non-woven fabric slitting is based on the original electronic control system and adds automatic edge-to-edge control, which achieves the desired effect, improves the working performance of the machine, and makes the machine more stable and durable in high-speed operation.

Features of non-woven slitting machine

①It is welded with thick steel plate to form a firm and balanced angle, so that the machine can be balanced at high speed;

② The whole machine is made of chrome-plated steel pipes, each of which has undergone dynamic balance treatment; ;

④The cutter can use industrial surgical blade or flat knife type (utility blade), adjustable cutter between 18mm-1600mm

⑤The rewinding adopts 3-inch inflatable reel and The magnetic powder tension controller is hand-rolled, the slitting operation is simple, and the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm; It is convenient and simple to adjust the speed of the machine manually;

⑦It is equipped with a high-precision rectifying device system to further ensure the cutting accuracy

The advantages of non-woven slitting< /p>

On the basis of the original electronic control system, the automatic edge-aligner control is added, which achieves the ideal effect, improves the working performance of the machine, makes the machine more stable in high-speed operation, smoothes the winding, and is easy to operate Convenient, safe, reliable and durable.

The main components of non-woven slitting

(1) frame part

(2) winding part

(3) Unwinding part

(4) Cutter part

(5) Host part

(6) Guide roller part

Use environment And features

Use environment: The machine should be installed in a dry, ventilated, well-lit place that is easy to operate.

Machine features: The thick steel plate is welded to form a firm, balanced angle, so that the machine is stable at high speed


1. Power supply of the machine Use three-phase four-wire (AC380V) and safe grounding to ensure the safety of operators

2. Before starting the machine, the speed of the host should be adjusted to the lowest speed first.

3. When installing the blade Pay attention to safety, so as not to scratch the blade

4. Regular maintenance should be performed on the place where the machine needs to be refueled

5. Equipped with a double-sided sharpening system, using diamond grinding, the life of the grinding wheel Up to two years, the blade can be sharpened without disassembly, and the blade remains sharp for a long time to achieve the best cutting quality. Comes with a vacuuming capacity to keep the fabric and track clean

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