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Non-woven quality grade

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-14

Product quality grade: Quality 100%: 100% PP polypropylene pellets

Quality 100%: 90%PP+10% filler

Quality A20:80%PP +20% filler

Quality A30:70%PP+30%filler

Quality A40:60%PP+40%filler

Quality A50 :50%PP+50%filler

Quality A60:40%PP+60%filler

Product quality screening: brightness/thickness/hardness/tensile force

Tips: Polypropylene (polypeopylene) raw materials are divided into granules and powders, and then calcium carbonate/recycled materials are added on the basis of two different raw materials to form different prices and different qualities, and the water is deep!

The granules are 100% virgin, the price is high, and the anti-aging effect is good

The powder powder has some chemical irritating odor, which is relatively cheap, suitable for customers who want low prices< /p>

Recycle: Discard non-woven fabrics or recycled materials that are not needed, and then return to the furnace to rebuild, only black can be used as recycled materials

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